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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Chele Jones Photography
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It was time for the 2018 senior portrait season to begin, and summers in our home town of Austin, Texas, are excessively hot, so we decided to take our signature senior sessions on the road for some destination fun, cooler temperatures, and new scenery, in Duluth, Minnesota - where the shores of Lake Superior are only 75 degrees on a hot day, and there are endless hikes with waterfalls for days!  This is where we met Hayward High School senior, Maddie S, from Hayward Wisconsin. 

We especially appreciate our destination clients because often our travels delay us in a usually timely delivery, but each one is always so worth the wait and allows us to see and travel to different parts of the world and make beautiful images in new places! We still take the time to scout locations prior to destination sessions, and plan them out to be just as unique as if they had come to us here, in Austin.

We absolutely loved photographing Maddie doing all the things she loves! She was a natural in front of our cameras and we took the time to carefully plan outfits and locations that would showcase her personality, her love of dance, combined with her nature-loving spirit, to create the special look she wanted for her senior portrait story. Maddie is on Varsity Cheer team for Hayward High School and will be graduating early, in 2018. She plans to attend Winona State University in Minnesota. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors with friends. 

One of the many perks of working with our seniors and having the most fun, is bringing along your bestie! Maddie's best friend, Kate, joined us and even got to jump into a few shots! Having professional images made with your best friend is absolutely priceless! Maddie even had an entire spread designed into her senior portrait album, featuring her images with Kate during our session. 

With this amazing flowing gown, by Free People, and this gorgeous hike along the cascades of this waterfall, Maddie's session just kept getting better and better. Planning the right clothing, to convey the story you want to tell is why our pre-session consultations are so constructive, and what makes our sessions stand out is that mixture of visual story-telling and portraiture combined.

If you would love to see Maddie's entire session from start to finish - be sure to scroll to the bottom and watch her gallery reveal video (that actually made her mom cry). Every signature session we produce, is presented as a personalized video reveal set to music! Maddie, it was so wonderful working with you and Kate and your mom, Robin! For any Duluth area Juniors (2019 senior class), we are excited to be booking Duluth again next summer! Be sure to sign up on our contact form to have information sent out when its time to get on the books! As for the present senior class, we are currently booking 2018 Seniors here in Austin as well as for one more destination session this year! If you desire a session in a fun destination location or would like to coordinate your trip with us for a destination senior shoot, please fill out the contact form and let us know! 

xx, Chele 

Maddie's Senior Story

2018 Senior, Maddie S. Hayward High School, Hayward, Wisconsin

Thursday, June 29, 2017
By Chele Jones Photography
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As sun has already set on 2017 graduations, you will find I'm still catching up on the blog from Spring sessions... Featured, this week, is recent Gateway Tech senior and 2017 graduate, Camryn! I met Camryn through a family friend and we had an amazing senior session together in May. One of my favorite things about senior portraits is getting to know each student and then planning out their session based on their favorite places, hangouts, and style.

Camryn was excited about the best of all genre's and we definitely delivered! From urban city skyline to forest fairytale complete with mist, and some summer fun and SoCo fashion editorial in between - This session definitely had it all! The best part was that Camryn brought her gorgeous prom dress! I will NEVER outgrow dress-up and a rock the prom dress session is just what I needed! 

Rock your prom dress sessions can be as crazy and fun as you want to make them! Camryn chose to keep her dress in good condition, but for anyone who's interested ... I'm down for all kinds of ideas for anyone who wants to do outside-the-box creative, in their most beautiful gown (AFTER it's been taken to prom, of course)! 

We finished Camryn's session with Austin's downtown skyline + 5 stories. The wind did it's wonderful thing perfectly perfect while Camryn did her thing and we got these amazing images and one of the most insane sunsets I've ever seen from up there! If you want to see what an entire senior session is like, from start to finish, be sure to scroll to the bottom for Camryn's amazing reveal video that was featured at her graduation party! 

Camryn's Senior Session

Tell your senior story with Austin's creative senior portrait photographer, Chele Jones! Camryn's 2017 spring senior session was personalized just for her and tells the unique story of her style and personality!