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This event is exclusive to families who booked their graduating senior with us!

As our thank you to YOU, we are opening up one last evening for some lifestyle family and sibling mini-sessions for those who want to take advantage of the complimentary family sessions that come with your senior experience session, but don't want the full hour! Our mini's will be the evening of May 28th, starting at 630pm at a South Austin outdoor location. Viewing appointments will be made the following week, in-studio, for placing your orders. 

As many of you know we are moving and want to make sure everyone who wants their complimentary family session, has an opportunity to book at least a quick mini session. If you would still like an longer family session or would prefer something in your own backyard please contact us so that we can get you on the books as soon as possible, as it's already getting super hot out there, and there is very limited time left before we stop taking appointments in order to pack the studio for the big move!

For those of you who have future graduates and want to continue working with us and referring your friends and family - we are already booking 2019 seniors for Summer/Fall and returning to Austin as well as the other areas we've always worked, in order to continue providing these amazing creative senior experience sessions! Please do not hesitate to give us a call and book your senior portraits! We will still be here for you! 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to hit that contact button! 

Learn about PROMISES, and how you can help a senior or junior girl wear the dress of her dreams!

PROMISES is a community project I've had on my mind for over two years now. As it's just coming together finally at the beginning of prom season 2017, it will likely take a year to be able to carry out this idea to it's fullest potential... but here is a little bit of information on how it works:  


Promises is about HELPING YOUNG GIRLS whose families may not be able to afford a nice PROM DRESS when the time comes. Many girls might turn down the invitation or not plan on going at all because of personal or family hardships. There are SO MANY DRESSES out there just hanging in dark closets that could make a wish come true! Imagine missing out on one of the most exciting nights of your final year of high school? Let's not let this happen!


WE CAN ALL HELP! If you are a SENIOR or, even a JUNIOR, and you have a gently used (current-in-style) prom dress that you will never wear again, HELP by donating your dress to the PROMises campaign here at our studio. In return you can have a mini session, in studio or on location, in your beautiful gown before you give it away! Your mini session will include two beautiful digital files - yours to keep, print, and share - a $410 VALUE, TOTAL - my gift to you for such a generous offering. 


Now here's the other good part: If you NEED a dress and can't afford to buy one - once we have enough donations on hand (hopefully by prom, next year) you will be able to rent a dress here at our studio, for PROM weekend, for the cost of cleaning the dress! ECOCLEAN garment cleaning company has been so kind to sponsor my idea, as well as offer a discount on cleaning your dress which keeps the rental cost low for you! How AMAZING IS THAT?!


So go dig in your closets! Find that GORGEOUS DRESS that has been hidden away, and make sure another girl gets to experience a beautiful prom night like yours! Get in touch with me, send me a front and back image of the dress, and see if your dress qualifies you for a donation and a beautiful portrait session in that dress, or any dress you choose, before making your donation.   XXO ~ Chele